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Monday, October 11th, 2004

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First Debian install
Mandrake's netconfig insanity has driven me over the edge.

So I'm taking the plunge and installing Debian.

I've managed to get all my hardware drivers installed, it seems. The Debian installer is strangely unhelpful in some things, but amazingly helpful in others.

But boy, there's a lot of it! Okay, maybe I didn't need to go through the entire package list. (I gave up when the alphabetic category listings started for the third or fourth time, in fact)

And then the configuration started, and it was still going when I left to come to work. Must remember to sort out the Lilo conf before I reboot. I meant to leave the install paused at that point, but a cat decided to step on the Enter key and off it went.

So, this is day 2 of the Debian install. I wonder how long it will take to get it all set up, including the local DHCP and IP Masqing for the PPPoE net connection (Which I completely failed to get working under Mandrake. Hell, Mandrake wouldn't even let me ping! How the hell are you supposed to troubleshoot network connectivity if you can't ping?)

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I'm looking to have a pocket/secure usb thumbdrive so I can be on the go with data if needed. I'd like it to be a file system both readable/writeable by windows and linux. Also, if there are any biometric features built in that will work with both OS... that'd be awesome. anyone have suggestions?

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DNS at home
Ok, here's the deal. Me and a buddy had a server out on the net, for quite a while for that matter.. well our funds went short and the server got shut down. We had our own DNS running on the afore mentioned server. well.. since we had multiple domains pointing there multiple of our projects are now busted. We have backups of all the domains and their sites locally and we wanted to get the sites to run from my home temporarily, and since they never got much traffic anyway, there wouldn't be much load on the connection.

I've been trying to set up a DNS from home, but i've been having some trouble. I've been following the Howto over at TLDP.ORG. here's where i'm worried.. i've heard that some ISP's don't want to you set up your own DNS at your home.

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Follow my bouncing logic.

I just started doing some skins I like (see earlier post on my first skin and possibly see my other ones in miniature at http://anivair.fotopic.net).

I'm also working on some gmplayer skins and playing with the aterm setup to match various themes.

At the moment my desktop themes are scripted to come up randomly in Windowmaker, changing every time I log in, which i love.

So the question becomes how difficult do you all think it would be to change everything else? That is to have a gmplayer theme that matched the desktop and to have aterm alter itself to match as well as other apps that I want to skin?

Do I just create one large file that runs at startup that points to the various other scripts for changing the theme? In theory the best idea is to change the WindowMaker theme and then alter the other files dependant on that new input. The more I think about it the more it sounds like I'm not thinking of something, though, so I thought I'd run it by and see if anyone's ever done anything like that with any degree of success.


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