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Sunday, October 10th, 2004

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Simple media server
I'm looking to turn an old computer either the 133 or the 500 into basically a media server. Basically, I just want it to hold my mp3's and videos. And I'm wondering which distro to pick. I'd really like an easy install [not Gentoo]. I don't want anything fancy just a quick way to set up an old box as a server.
So any suggestions on which distro to use?
Or ideas for other things I could use the box to do [in addition to media server]?
Webfeed reader
I've been using Amphetadesk for a few weeks now to keep track of all the sites I read daily but it doesn't support atom feeds (that I'm aware of).

Are there any decent webfeed readers that doesn't require one to install a desktop environment to go with it? Freshmeat and Sourceforge haven't been much help in this regard.
External Hard Drive

I am looking for some extra storage space, so I was thinking about getting an external hard drive. Has anyone here had any good/bad experiences setting them up and using them?

Mandrake 10.0, Kernel 2.6.3
I would kill for a naitive flash (or flash equivalent) mx
Hey hey,

I've been trying to get flash mx to work correctly in Wine for some time now. It runs, but the windows give me some issues. I researched these issues and they are quite common. Apparently, it's just the way it is with current Wine distrobutions.


I was always using Flash/wine in KDE. Yesterday, I loaded up Fluxbox and ran Flash/Wine and a large number of the weird errors dissapeared. Infact, Flash/Wine worked nearly perfectly.

Does anyone know why this might have occured?

Current Mood: curious
syslog logs to console
hey, i'm wondering how to configure syslog so it doesn't log to the console (as well as /var/log/syslog). i have a router/fw setup...no X...and its kind of annoying to have my iptables logs continously interrupt me when i'm working on it.

What is dropline GNOME?
What do you guys think of it?
Grrr.. install woes
Burned the Fedora Core2 ISOs (both dvd and CD 2x) and it seems to fail on certain packages randomly, giving a media or hardware failure... For fooks sake.. i just want to get windows off of my machine.. :)

Oh and the other fun part.. i have SATA so I have to boot with a base 2.6.x kernel...

Sigh... should i re d/l again???

Or call it quits and try another day
DVD menu editing
I'm trying to backup DVDs with my spiffy new DVD burner. Many DVDs can be just copied and burned with no problem, but some pack the full 8.whatever gigabytes on a single disk. Seeing as how I'm too cheap to buy dual-layer disks, I'd like to instead edit the functionality of the DVD menus so I can split a dual-layer original onto two single-layer backup copies.

Now I know there are tools for creating your own menus from scratch, but I haven't see any that can import an existing menu.

Any suggestions?
When I boot into my linux drive, (I have a windows HDD and a linux HDD ) all i can boot into is the text-based GRUB boot loader. Once I load the kernel and try to boot, i get a kernel pacic that says unable to mount root FS on 09:00. I have no idea what to do next. BTW I am using SUSE linux. Thank you for your time.

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