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Saturday, October 9th, 2004

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Good distro for laptop w/ wireless?
I'm getting a laptop within the next few months, and of course I'm going to install Linux on it. My question is this: what is a good distro for a laptop with wireless technology and possibly a DVD+/-RW drive?

Current Mood: calm
posted about this a few months back, but never got it fixed, so hopefully i can this time.

when i installed gaim, i installed gtk-spell, but it doesnt seem to be loading a dictionary, and just reading all words as missspelled. i've re- and re-re-installed everything from gaim to gtkspell to aspell to the dictionary and it hasnt helped. is there anywhere i can set the current working dictionary or soemthing like that?

thanks =)

oh yeah, im running gentoo on ~x86, kernel 2.6.5

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