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Friday, October 8th, 2004

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Gentoo instalation woes
Hello peeps,

I've been trying to install gentoo 2004.2 from LiveCD distro for a while now. I've managed to get over a few hurdles, all self created I'm sure. But now that I come to the actual reboot after installing the boot loader and etcetera I find that my kernel hangs somewhere about the ide drives.

I've tried both a self configured and genkernel kernel with the same result. I think I'm getting very tired now and need someone else to spot my glaring error.

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Then it hangs there.

grep -v '#' config-2.6.7-gentoo-r11

I have a P3-500 based machine. Yes the HD is at hdc as I wasn't paying attention to cables when I threw it together. It's a pretty unremarkable machine that has run other distros with no problems.

Any help from anyone who can be bothered to go through these configs is welcome.

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Hello all
Remember the problems I was having with SAmba that I talked about in This post?

Turns out the entire problem was the firewall on the samba machine.

Turn it off and it works fine.

gentoo for os x
does anybody know why the site hosting the disk image for gentoo for osx is down? (http://www.metadistribution.org/macos)
PAM misbehaving
I don't know what the hell I could have done, but on one of my boxes (Fedora Core 2), PAM stopped working. Or rather, I should say, stopped prompting me for the root password and simply not letting me use the apps unless I'm root. Most of the time it just dumps "You must be root to run this program." into the term. Some apps actually pop up a messagebox with a the same text. This is only annoying me with this one program - since pretty much everything else I call from shell and don't terribly mind SUing. I just bloody want to know how I managed to corrupt things.

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Resolution of X
Hey guys,

I loaded up fluxbox today for the first time only to realize that the resolution on one of my monitors is 'virtual'. I've tried to set my resolution to 1152x864 within the xorg.conf, but apparently I can only virtually do that as the monitor displays at 1024x768 with a virtual res of 1152x864. Below is the xorg.conf file. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, and in KDE it's fine because I can adjust it from within and ask it to apply every time it boots.

Thanks guys,

Collapse ) <--- whole xorg.conf file. ;)

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