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Thursday, October 7th, 2004

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so i posted a few days ago about suse not installing.
well i downloaded & burned a new disc, and it installed fine.
(why this didn't happen with mine i don't know)
when it does its reboot, and yast starts i can't use the keyboard. i can *only* use a usb keyboard/mouse with these computers (we have the same one, when i did mine there wasn't a problem)
i tried reinstalling it, but it didn't fix itself the second time either.
what do i do?
edit: i could use the keyboard duing installation, while linux is booting, the number lock light goes off and the keyboard becomes useless.


Current Mood: depressed
win2k and linux
How to install win2k and linux on one pc?
Sound (nVida and CentOS)
So I checked out the Centos website. Apparently if I'm using my nVida chipset's on board sound I'll get nothing out of hte centos kernel. Well, that's a bother. So I checked the web for a workaround. Since the only thing I found was other references to not having sound and my own posts, I thought I'd ask for advice.

I like sound. What's a good way around this issue (if there is one)? As far as I can tell CentOS has simply said that the sound will not work. I would guess it's because of incompoatibility with the kernel. Is there a way to alter the files to get around that? If not will a sound card fix it or am I doomed?


Current Mood: confused

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