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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

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theme ridicule
So this my my first WindowMaker theme. it's based on a deviantart piece called 14th34 by ~typical.

The Original is here

Below is a nice link to the final product. I'm not terribly happy with it, but I'm not sure what to do ot clean it up, either (besides maybe starting with a different background image). Let me know what you think if you like and what you'd suggest I do to make it less caustic (I think it's a touch busy).

Note how Darkstalker was nice enough to host this for me.
i'm looking to convert to linux, but really dont know what i'm doing. i've got an old pentinum 2 pc i'd like to start learning on, and then switch over to my mac. i figure i can just get a distro with an easy install and then just tinker with it, but i'd really like to get to know and understand the workings of linux. does anyone have a book or other source of info they'd recomend?
I finally got wine setup today... got photoshop working..sorta (some font issues..but it works for the most part).

I want to install illustrator..but cannot get it to run the install shield program..issue with IKernel.exe.

I also can't seem to get anything to use the X:\ aka Temp directory. One solution to my ikernel issue was to install dcom95.exe and when it tries to unzip its contents to X:\ it dies saying it can't write to that directory.

any thoughts?

info on dcom95.exe

Linux Wireless?
I'm going to get a laptop (my dad said he'd put some money aside for it, but that's not the point) and I intend to install Linux on it. My question is, which distros support wireless technology?

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