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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

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replace suse
so i decided the other day i was gonna try out a new distro on my computer. i've only used slackware, and thought it'd be nice to try something new. i was interested in suse, so i figured i'd give it a shot. installed suse personal 9.1 fine and liked the looks of it. but i quickly found out where it's lacking. first of all, it only comes with kde (as far as i could tell). yast is nice...but no gcc? no gaim? when i tried to install a gaim rpm, i just got a list of dependencies i'd need. when i tried to grab the gcc compiler from their website, it too required libraries which were nto installed. now granted, it's the free version of suse...but what gives? anyway, i wanna get rid of it and switch to another distro. ideally, i woudnt' mind going back to slackware. i enjoyed dropline-gnome, as well as the tons of slackware communities and support. however...suse used grub...slackware uses lilo. my setup is this: 30gb drive w/ windows xp installed. a 60gb drive partitioned w/ suse on 30gb and a 30gb fat partition. i'd rather not lose any of the info on the 60gb drive. so would it be possible to install slackware over suse and not worry about data loss for the 60gb drive? plus...would i be installing lilo into the mbr? i've never chosen mbr b/c i used to have them on the same drive and heard that installing it there can screw with windows.//
I just started using fluxbox as of about 2 weeks ago. I've been experimenting with it. Installing themes. I love it.

One thing I hate. Xmms is in the slit. Is there a way to have xmms to not run in it? Is there just a preference I'm missing (in either fluxbox or xmms) or do I have to do some coding and recomplie xmms altogether? I know GkrellM has an option where it doesn't run in the slit so I could probably figure it out, but I'd rather not do the work, y'know? I've been quite busy lately.

And while I'm here... anyone have good sites for fluxbox themes besides theme depot and freshmeat? Thanks.
Forking pipes?
I'm running the dynamic virtual hostins stuff available in Apache2, but I'm running into a snag.

The dynamic hosting does not seem to allow you to have different log files for different virtual hosts.

I like to use webalizer for each domain so the users can see their stats, but I don't want them to see other peoples stats. So right now I gep through the log file for the base domain name and redirect it through webalizer. For a couple domains it's fine, but I'm having to grep through the file 50 time each time I run the webalizer cron.

Does anyone know if there are any utilities like a mix of tee and egrep? I would like to tohave anything matching the regular expression be sent to stdin on a specified program and the rest passed on to standard out.

Ideally it would look something like:

cat log | tee-grep regex1 'prog to tak the matching output' | tee-grep regex2 'prog' | tee-grep regex 3 'prog'

Does anything like this exist? If so, where can it be found?
I'm having a problem getting Samba working on a FC2 machine with a Winxp Client
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The machine shows up in network neighborhood, but I can't connect to it. I get a "\\cooper is not accessible. You might not have permisson to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access permissions.

The network path was not found.

I am a user on the FC2 machine with a logon name and password = to my windows machine.

Any Ideas?
Linux for PPC?
I'm going to pick up two second gen iMacs tomorrow and was wondering if we had any PPC Linux users here. What distro should I put on them? I'm sure they are going to be lacking in the RAM department so unless I get more OS X is out of the question (for now).

Any info or ideas would be great! =']
Doom III
Native Doom III client for Linux has been released by ID software. (download)


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