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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

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So many tried to help me out with my java issue in Moz, I thought I'd share the solution.
It seems that copying (and symlinking where appropriate) the plugins to /home/me/.mozilla/plugins, as opposed to /usr/lib/moz/plugins was needed.
Thanks all for your assistance.
RAID support
I've been trying all sorts of different distros, and none of them seem to see my RAID, rather they see all the drives individually. Anyway to gain RAID support at the install level so all the partitions can be made at once on one drive?
Hey guys (and gals)

Lookin for a utility that will manage wifi connections. What I have is a sucky script kiped off someone else. ANyhow, what I'd like it to be able to do is

Detect and display wireless networks within range.
Ability to select which network to connect to and provide options for wep key and all that other stuff if necessary.
Have the ability to maintain several preset setups that I can choose from and load up if necessary. (Home network, cafe roaming settings, work settings etc).

We set our clients up with wireless access when they want it and for security purposes we set it up so these points don't broadcast their location - these clients also use their own individual 128bit WEP key. Being able to build individual profiles that I can load up per situation would be really very useful. Windows can do this. OSX can do it. I can't seem to locate a linux utility that manages wifi connections even partially as well. Can someone throw me a bone here and point me in the right direction?
KDE Startup Troubles
I'm running Mandrake 10.0 and trying to start KDE 3.2. Once upon a time it started fine. However, when I tried to start it this afternoon, it got as far as "loading panel" and then gave me a (literally) blue screen. After about five minutes of waiting for something to appear I restarted X.

I've tried this several times so far with the same result.

GNOME works fine, and certain KDE applications (such as Konq and KGPG) work fine.

Any suggestions for how I can get KDE started?
Bootloader problems
Hi folks;

I've been trying to get Knoppix 3.6 installed and booting on a RAID1 logical drive on a 3-year old frankenserver sporting an obsolete/unsupported Adaptec RAIDPort III controller and not having a lot of luck.

The system boots Knoppix just fine using the 'knoppix26' 2.6 kernel option, and sees the drives. I was able to configure a RAID1 logical device ('/dev/md0') just fine using 'mkraid'. I was then able to install Knoppix to the hard drive using the 'knx2hd' script provided. I chose the option to install LILO to the MBR.

On boot, however, the thing just hangs without even the first 'L'. This occurs using the boot floppy, or not. I've tried editing lilo.conf to boot from either /dev/sda1 (the first physical drive) or /dev/md0, but both are equally unsuccessful.

How do i get my files out of .zip. I'm using the linus with the cute little dragon.

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