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Friday, October 1st, 2004

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X11 forwarding
Hi all. I am not quite sure exactly how this would work, so figured I'd
ask here. I have a program that I use, which is proprietary. Its a web
browser but a bit more than that...Bottom line, the company that makes
the program has taken to only allowing logins from the mac address
registered with the account...I've been able to get around this for a
while by changing the MAC on my laptop with Ifconfig, however this no
longer seems to work...And I'm not quite sure what they're doing now
since I have to do some more testing. And so I thought...I could just
forward the program's output to the running X-server on my laptop. How
could I do this over SSH though? I know use of the -X option is
required, however not sure exactly if I would run the program on the
other machine, and it would automatically forward itself. I already
tried this, and it doesn't seem to work. The program itself is stored on
one of my internal machines, which means I have to ssh through my server
to get to it. In that case, could I just somehow forward the output from
the program to my laptop through both SSH conections? I know this works
through the CLI but wasn't sure if its the same for X. Anyone perhaps
have any pointers on how to get this going? Thanks!

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