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Thursday, September 30th, 2004

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USB flash drive
I recently purchased a shiney new USB flash stick and it works fine on my Fedora Core 2 box at home. It is accessable under /dev/sda, however on the college FC2 machines I can only mount memory sticks as /dev/sda1. I obviously can't change it, so how can I change my memory stick to be accessable at home as /dev/sda1? It sounds like I'm going to have to partition it, but I want have all the space accessable, so does that mean I'd have to partition it into only one partition? Does that even make sense?
So I've got an AMD XP 1700+ with a 300GB stripe RAID and 512MB of RAM. I need it to be a personal SSH/FTP/Web Server, possibly with MySQL, as wel as being a secondary workstation for me to play with *nix on probably some IRC chat. I don't have a lot of time to deal with partitioning, installing, building, compiling, and all of that fun stuff, like a couple of days at most, for the actual kernel and system. I've got tons of time to tweak and everything. What would y'all recommend as a distro that has a good installer with good partitioning?

Among other things that I'm looking for in this box is easy Firewire suppot and dependable uptime...

Also, can anybody offer me arguments of BSD vs. Linux?

Current Mood: curious
Listen, I've met a nice girl online and we want to play Scrabble, via http://www.isc.ro, but their java interface keeps crashing Moz and Netscape, my Galeon seems to lack the appropriate plugin, and konqueror only shows a blank page.
I have Moz and Nutscrape set to open app/x-java-vm with libgcj-3.2.2.jar
Any suggestions?
Of course, Yahoo games Scrabble requires Windope.

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