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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

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So I just installed centOS (rather than rh 9.0). and so far I'm elated. Same set up, so easy to work with but not my printer works and so I'm pleased.

Saddly, my sound doesn't workk yet, but i'll fix that later. For now, does anyone know what I should be downloading for this distro? DO I download pachages compiled for redhat 9.0 or for fedora 1? fedora 2? I know it doesn't make THAT much of a difference, but it's nice to get as close as possible.
So here's a reasonable question. I'm trying to run yum on CentOs. Not bad so far, but all that I've got access to are the CentOS repositories of files (and you can imagine that those are not wildly varried) so I can't actually get any programs. So I'm looking to add the red hat/fedora authoritative packsge list (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/mega-merge.php) to the list of wites to check for files. I hope that somene has some experience with this because the last time I tried to add a site to my list I'm pretty sure it fried my filesystem.

Anyone know how to do this? there doesn't seem to be good documentation on it, just a lot of sites that recommend themselves.

Ps. CentOS. So far so good.
More FireFox troubles
Mozilla seems to have replaced the expected Ctrl+U functionality (present up through .09 release) with opening page source on that keypress. I can't seem to find the new key combo to clear the location bar in the help files or online forums. Anybody figure this out yet?

Current Mood: annoyed
Nokia software?
I have a Nokia 6200 and just recently picked up the DKU-5 data cable for it. Can anyone suggest some software?

While I do have a Windows box here to use the Nokia PC Suite, I really can't stand using Windows in the first place so I would like to get everything working (phone browser, tone/app installer) in Linux. I'm using SuSE 9 Pro.

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