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Monday, September 27th, 2004

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Car computer
I have a P266 laptop with a broken screen (obtained specifically for use as a car computer).

What features do you think a computer mounted in a car should provide.

The ones I have on my list are:

-MP3 Jukebox (initial purpose)

-GPS functions (recording routes, relaying directions to the driver)

-Wardriving toys : Reporting nearby networks, NATing the CAN (Car Area Network :), my own term) to a wireless network (For use at hotspots).

Anything else you could see running on a car computer?

I have a small page of details on the project now.
So I think I figured out what the apt-get -f did to my system. I don't th ink I have access to kde or gnome, which explains where konqueror and the nautilus file managers went. Now thew only question is how so I get that stuff back?

They seem to still be on the system, but I no longer have access to them. I'm having someone else come help me take a look at it this afternoon, but till then, anyone have any recomendations? Is there a quick way to see if I can gain access to at least kde again? I ran switchdesk and all that's there is Windowmaker and TWM. Not a problem as I like windowmaker, but I can't access the kde programs that I use.

So, if I can't get access to konqueror, does anyone have a good alternative program that they'd like ot pitch? Apparently apt-get can't find konqueror anywhere for me to jkust install (which might explain the trouble I had with my fix). I have a snbeaking suspicion that this might all be easier if I had better sources (all I've got in there now if freshmeat, but I'm vague on adding sources to the list and it doesn't like it when you get the syntax even a little wrong).

Less frustrated now, but still a bit troubled, mostly by the lack of my machine working properly.

FLUXBOX = my new toy.
Lastnight it finally dawned on me that the thing I was mad at was the GUI, not the distro. I know, very elementary and childish of me. But anyway, I solved my problem.

I decided I didn't like GNOME. It looked too much like windows to me and had too much GUI for my taste. So now I'm running fluxbox and everything is all better.

So who here has fluxbox? Can you give me any beginner's tips? Pointers? Challenges? Good websites? Tutorials? I tried installing a style/theme earlier today and finally got it working but couldn't get a desktop background to work with it. I also tried to customize my menu a little. I found a few decent tutorials but I still need to fool around a little more.

Thanks again.
What is your favorite cd ripping program?
And cd burning program (must be able to burn ISO's as well as mp3 discs too)?
extra box
I've got an extra box sitting here (not much, p133 with 64mb ram)

Any ideas as to what I could do with this?

(already have a firewall(smoothwall), and a server box(qmail,apache,DNS))

God I'm bored...

Current Mood: bored
Hi all. Quick question...Anyone know if Windblows X-Pensive corp has a native for the onboard Intel cards supporte by the Intel8x0 Alsa module? Lspci on my laptop identifies the card as being
an 82801DB (ICH4) AC'97 audio controller. Sorry couldn't paste the line directly, however I'm not currently on the machine in question at the moment...

Current Mood: thoughtful

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