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Sunday, September 26th, 2004

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Linux never ceases to make me feel stupid
How do I add TrueType fonts? Red Hat 9, GNOME 2.0.
Multitrack recording and vector graphics

Anyone know any good multitrack audio recording and/or vector graphics programs?


Edit: How do you guys feel about the suggestions on this page? wiki.linuxquestions.org
Email script with attachment
I'd asked for help writing a script to generate a form email with attachment a while back. I finally figured it out, if anybody's interested.

The MUA in question is qmail and the script was written for bash.
A minor tweak here and there an it could be modified to use base64 or uuencoded attachments.
The problem(s) seemed to be that the raw email generated didn't have the correct number of line spaces and the boundary string was a little off. I wasn't able to use mutt, but mutt helped me out just the same.

My rambling explanation of what I did (plus script) @ my website.
Wine & Photoshop.
I installed wine lastnight and was very excited when I got Photoshop running. The Gimp is nice and all but I really think that Photoshop is the best graphics program out there.

Anyway, I'm just having one little problem with it. And it's not really a big problem, just a little annoyance. It probably has something to do with wine because I know it's not perfect but anyway, I thought maybe someone has had the same problem and found a solution.

Do you know the little sidebars in Photoshop? Well, when I minimize Photoshop, they stay there. Not only on the current desktop, but all of them. Is there any way to get those little sidebars to minimize when I minimize Photoshop? Any help or suggestions are appreciated, once again.

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Current Mood: annoyed
What versions of linux are you running?

I'm thinking about trying another or a few others out. Baptism by fire, if you will. I'm currently running Fedora Core with GNOME. I was told it would be one of the easiest to learn on. (Arguably, but even so, that's where I started.) I have been forcing myself to use console more and more for everything I need on the system and, being a programmer, find it fun and quite the adventure.

But being the adventurous gal that I am, I want more. I've got plenty of room on my harddrive to experiment with. I built my computer to be the best. (Again you all would argue yours is better, I know how it is.) So I figure why not?

So, once again I turn to all of you.
What versions of linux do you all run? And why?
What is the next version of linux I should experiment with?

I love you guys.

Current Mood: chipper
Key press emulation
This might sound like an odd problem, but I'd like to write a script that tricks my window manager into thinking I've pressed a key on my keyboard (the Windows key, to be exact.) While I could spend a few months building a robot arm that physically presses the key, I think this would get in the way if I were trying to type.

Is there an easier way emulate pressing a key in a script?
ndiswrapper and WG311T wifi card
Hey, guys. I'm just now getting my feet wet with a Mandrake 10 distro. I wanted to stop dragging my feet and actually make the Linux crossover. Problem is though, I have a Netgear WG311T wifi card and it is not natively supported. The closest I have come to getting it set up is using ndiswrapper and installing my Win XP driver with it.

Well, after reading the instructions, I was finally able to successfully install the driver. Yet, when I try to use the hardware wizard (not yet too comfortable with terminals yet) to configure the wifi card, the driver is still nowhere to be found. Am I just overlooking a simple step here?
kernel compile
can someone point out the thing that I need to un-check to get around this? I'm tired of blindly digging around in menuconfig.

Io linux # make && make modules_install
SPLIT include/linux/autoconf.h -> include/config/*
make[1]: `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.s' is up to date.
CHK include/linux/compile.h
IKCFG kernel/ikconfig.h
GZIP kernel/config_data.gz
IKCFG kernel/config_data.h
CC kernel/configs.o
LD kernel/built-in.o
CC drivers/pci/proc.o
drivers/pci/proc.c: In function `proc_bus_pci_write':
drivers/pci/proc.c:146: error: structure has no member named `cfg_size'
make[2]: *** [drivers/pci/proc.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [drivers/pci] Error 2
make: *** [drivers] Error 2
Io linux #

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