September 25th, 2004

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is there any programs I can run in Liunux so I can constantly moinitor my CPU usage, RAM usage, Temperature in the computer, etc in a little window to keep it on my desktop?
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The band, it has a wagon...

Allright, since EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT, that makes it allright, no? :)

This is my work desktop. As you can see, I'm getting tons of productive things done on a Saturday. I should have waiting until Monday when my new video card shows up for some dual-head action, but eh :)

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I've got a Presario 5724 (specs) running Slackware 10, and the highest resolution I can get it to is 640x480 with the refresh rate at 86Hz. But it's supposed to be able to get up to 1600x1200 resolution. Any ideas on how I can change this?
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Arch Linux

Well, after figuring out how to build a pkg for Drivel, my personal favorite LJ client, this is my first post using Arch Linux. Having used it on and off for fun for a while now alongside Slackware, and now as my only desktop, I'm pretty impressed, and was curious what everyone else, outside of Arch's forums, (where I've spent a lot of time recently), thought about this nifty little distro.
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More of this screenshot business...

Well, I noticed a lot of people posting thier desktops, and I felt like joining in, so here's mine. It's nothing too interesting theme-wise, it's just Milk2 with d3a-icons. I love the background though. It's called 'A Cold Day's Dawn', but I can't recall where I got it, and the artist's name has slipped my mind. I also thought I'd show off my use of that ever-so-nifty composite extension, and managed to catch a menu in mid-fade. 'xcompmgr -c -f' is so the way to go.

Check it out here...
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