September 24th, 2004



So it was mentioned a while back that people shoud post screenshots for fun. I'm lining to mine here. I loaded it on fotopic and photobucket. fotopic gave me the best result, but neither looks as good as I'd like.

At least you'll get the idea.

And for those of you with too much free time and noses in my business, I'm more than willing ot take suggestions for improving it.
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iPod woes (X-posted to Gentoo)

Somehow I don't seem to get my iPod to work with Gentoo.

I'm able to mount it and browse its contents, I can read the database, but I cannot update it.

The software I'm using is gtkPod. As the read me says, I read the database, I add directories, but when I hit the sync button, it gives me the following errors:

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Totally clueless here.
Thanks in advance...

UPDATE: Apparently the device is mounted read-only. That might be why I couldn't write to it. Anyone know how to mount it write-enabled, for I don't have much experience with this.
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So I'm trying to install gDesklets. the dependencies are killing me.

I need python 2.3 or higher and libgtop 2.6 or higher.

libgtop requires libdb 4.1 or higher. So I got an rpm for that.

libdb 4.1 says that I need libdb 4.0. Which I already have installed.

So what the hell do I do now that I have an .rpm that can't find the files it wants? this sort of blows. Most of the time I don't mind dependencies. in fact I like them because I learn stuff. but when I go out and get the freaking files they need and it STILL doesn't work, then I get ticked off.


Crap. here's my first big emergency.

So I finally got apt to work after a long time (due to the multiple gkt+ libraries that I apparently have it caused many problems).

On it's reconendation I ran apt-get -f install

It ran for a w hile. Seemed to be going very well.

Only I somehow lost opera and konqueror and nautilus. I seem to have kept most other things, but where the hell did those go? I liked those htings! And the fact that I lack both konqueror and nautilus means that I don't have a file manager. Great.

Thoughts? Anyone? Help?!

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(no subject)

Hey all,

I'm looking for a good Wiki (PHP/MySQL based, preferably) for a tech support knowledge base. Has to support multiple-tiered information documents (that is, for multiple tiers of support), sub-categories, really good search, and a very clean and intuitive interface for slower machines. It should run comfortably under Apache/PHP/MySQL and require little to no maintenance. User support is preferred but optional (only to edit pages), and versioning is a must.

Any suggestions? I've looked at quite a few but would like to hear what others think before I decide on one to implement for a Support Engineering group.


Printer woes

I recently acquired an HP LaserJet 1100, and once again, I find myself wrestling with cups. The printer connects to the parallel port, and is configured to use the HP LaserJet 1100 hpijs driver; upon printing a test page, cups doesn't complain, no errors are reported, and everything is fine with the exception of the fact that no printing occurs.

so far I've checked cups' error log as well as my system logs, shut down my firewall to make sure it wasn't blocking port 631, made sure that lpr wasn't running, tried printing from the command line, recompiled the kernel to add IEEE 1284 transfer support, googled like crazy, searched various forums and discussion groups, and I'm still at square one. Any advice?

By the way, this is on Slackware 10 with kernel 2.6.7.

dsl servers

Does anyone know any good DSL services in the midwest (Eastern Iowa) that support Linux?

Also, I have a Compaq IJ1200 printer, and it recognized it and installed, but it just won't print. It won't even make normal printer noises when I hit "print." Usually it would make noises and try to print something, but it just sits there. Any advice with that?
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