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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

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Question .. gcc v kylix
Why would a project choose kylix over gcc?

I"m completely ignorant of the pros and cons of either and ask mostly out of curiosity. Anyone have any objective opinions one way or the other?
i'm going to assume you kids can help me (i'm new btw). i've been bugging a friend of mine for help, but he's been ignoring me so i'll come here.
i'm not exactly a stranger to linux (but i'm no expert). the same friend i've been bugging for help gave me a (kinda crappy) computer last year for my birthday with gentoo installed on it for me to play around with. and oh how i love it.
but i bought a new computer. one for me to do all my school work on and that kind of stuff.
it came preinstalled with windows 2000.
i installed suse 9.1...i left windows there as suse partitions the drive automatically, and i'm paranoid that something bad would happen during suse instalation and i'd be left with nothing.
suse installed perfectly. and i'm enjoying it immensley (okay i'm addicted to frozen bubble. it haunts my dreams)

but i want the windows partition gone. asap.

what's the way to do this?
i was going through the yast partition thing...would deleting the windows partition be sufficient? or is there another way...
i get scared when i'm messing around with stuff like this...
all help will be greatly appreciated.


Current Mood: tired
Here's a quick mplayer question. mplayer is the default player for mp3 files on my system. Fine. But when I double click on one it runs in hte background with no terminal or interface, so I can't stop it without opening a new terminal window, doing a ps -A and killing the mplayer process manually. Anyone have a bvetter solution?

Is there an open a new terminal option that I'm missing that I cound just tack onto the end of the init? I mean, i can always open a window and run mplayer /path/to/song but I do like my double clicking.

This didn't go over too well in linuxnewbies so I thought I'd ask here. It applies to any non-gui based application that you can double click, actually. I'd be happy if I could even create an icon that I could close out. it's just a pain to have to kill it manually. And I hate GMplayer.
Hey, I'm just starting out with this stuff obviously, but I've seen plenty of beginners questions lately, so I figured this wasn't too bad.
Ok, I have two problems. I've googled for both of these with not much success. I have Red Hat 8 running right now, and want to reinstall it. The reason why is that when I installed it, I apparently didn't choose the package with gcc or cc (which I want), and I when I try to add those packages now, it asks for Psyche disk 1. My friend that gave me the disks for RH8 said that just meant the Red Hat disk 1, that Psyche and Red hat are the same thing, and to just try all 5 of the disks he gave me. I did this with all of them many times. it wouldn't take disks 1 or 2, and the computer would lock up with the other 3. So then he suggested that I just reinstall with the packages selected that I wanted. I backed up my files, and tried to do this. I set my computer to boot from the cdrom first, just like i did when i installed successfully the last time, and put disk one in. Nothing happened, it just loaded Red Hat, and I didn't get any prompts that immediately screamed "would you like to reinstall". I tried opening the cd from the desktop, and it asked for " " disk 1. Yes, it was just quotation marks.
ok, i'm going to start making sandbags now.
For my Advanced Systems Analysis class --
The professor is making us do a presentation on a recent technological breakthrough.

I can't think of anything recent..


It's all old..

Anyone have any suggestions?
802.11b/g problems
hey. I am confused, will someone explain why this doesn't work?
I've never used 802.11 before and it's going straight over my head.

wlan0 is a DWL-G520+ (driver: http://acx100.sourceforge.net)
eth1 is a ipw2200 (driver: http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net)

I'm using gentoo on both boxes, not that it matters methinks.

Collapse )

Current Mood: confused
When running 'yum install exim' I get this error:

Errors reported doing trial run
file /etc/aliases from install of exim-4.41-0_24.fc2 conflicts with file from package setup-2.5.33-1

What is "setup"? I checked the man page, looks like it might be an integral system process, but it also said something about being depreciated.
Can I just force this install, or is that going to hose my system?
How can I resolve the conflict?
Transparent proxy woes

Just for practice, I've been trying to set up squid and dansguardian on a local workstation with transparent proxying, following a NewsForge article on the subject, but I can't get it to work. It seems that no packets ever go through OUTPUT in the nat table, ever. Both tcpdump and some LOG rules agree with the iptables counters in this respect: everything is going through POSTROUTING only.

My first attempt at a solution was to move the rules over to that chain, but the REDIRECT target doesn't work there. I recompiled iptables just in case, but it made no difference; I still get the useless 'iptables: invalid argument' message.

I also STFW on transparent proxying in general. The only thing I learned there was that I might need forwarding turned on, so I did that, and it made no difference.

Now I can't find anything else. Does anyone have any other ideas?

I'm running vanilla on Gentoo, manually configured with full NAT and REDIRECT. Also, I currently have the normal filter tables set to allow everything and log anything unexpected, so I don't think they should be interfering with nat at all. If there's any other useful information I can get, just ask...

Current Mood: disappointed
Problem with Gaim
I upgraded my Gaim to 1.0.0 the other day (from the one that came with Slackware 10... I think 0.8). And if I just luanch it normally (out of the menu or off the desktop), it comes up with just the login/password area with no GIAM pic or anything. Then, when I try to login, it says "Missing protocol plugin for *screen name*" But it works fine if I launch it as root from a terminal. How can I fix this?
x.org issues
so i installed x.org, it went fine, except my mouse wheel doesnt work. since i use fluxbox, this gets quite irritating. i'd appreciate any help.

here's the relevant part of xorg.conf

Section "InputDevice"

# Identifier and driver

Identifier "Mouse1"
Driver "mouse"
Option "Protocol" "IMPS/2"
Option "Device" "/dev/mouse"

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