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Monday, September 20th, 2004

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Hi. I'm new here, and very new to the Linux world. I've just reached the breaking point with Evil Windows, and am switching my (very) old computer to Linux. I just bought the Red Hat Bible 9.0 (book with 3 CDs) and (if all goes according to plan) will be installing it tonight/tomorrow.

Trouble is, I've got a very old computer. Currently running Win95 with only 32M RAM. Am I a total fool for trying to install RH9.0 here?

Thanks, and be gentle with me.....

Current Mood: anxious
I just installed Slackware 10 on a older 500mhz Compaq. Had the usual "mouse's scrollwhele doesn't work" problem. But when I go to add the "ZAxisMapping" line to xorg.conf, and logout, when I try to "startx" again, I get an error that says something about having the word "mouse" in xorg.conf.
Sorry I don't have the whole error written down. I'll try to get it here shortly. But if you have any idea how to fix this without seeing the whole error message, please comment away.

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