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Thursday, September 16th, 2004

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music writing software
Hi, does anyone use lilypond or rosegardenmusic? I'm switching to linux but I'm concerned about being able to write and edit music more directly than on a text editor. I'm also interested in whether files made in Finale can transfer.

Linux and NTL
I have been usuing the Fedora Project version of Linux for some time now (dual boot with windows xp).
I am connected to the internet via NTL Cable in the UK.
They tell me that NTL does not officially support Linux so therefore i cannot use the net with linux,

My question is, has anyone mananged to get on the net with linux, while using NTL Cable in the UK? And how?

Current Mood: confused
I'm very new to Linux. I just recently inherited my family's old computer, so now I can put whatever operating system I want on it. I bought Red Hat Professional Workstation at my local office store, and now am having some trouble installing it. My computer's an old Compaq from 1997. 18.6 GB. I'm just getting frustrated. I've been using Windows all my life, and now I think it's time for a change. Presuming this will install.


Current Mood: anxious
Not exactly on topic, but....

Does anybody know any resources on sound cards? I fear with my five year old sound blaster, im missing out. Time for an upgrade...

also, google has been absoultely no help.
Okay. So I got RH Linux totally installed in my computer upstairs. Now all I need is to connect it to the internet. Too bad I don't know how. My family uses AOL, so I found one of the disks and put it in.

I feel like my mom. She doesn't know anything about computers and keeps asking stupid questions. Now I'm doing the same thing about Linux. Sigh. So depressing.

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