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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

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Has anyone figured out anything about GTK-Gnutella filters. I may be having a prolonged blond episode here, but nothing I read makes any damn sense. Or rather, the parts that make sense do absolutely nothing when they are actuated. I've been all over google and read all kinds of docs. Still nothing. Uhm... help?

Current Mood: confused
XMMS System Tray
Hey guys,

Quick question: Is there a way to config xmms so it sits in the systray instead of the task bar? I'm using KDE-3.3.0 and gentoo linux, if that helps.

Thanks in advance,

vertical page centering in oo writer
how to align text to the vertical center of the page. in m$ word, there's an option to do that in page setup > layout > vertical align > top...

Current Mood: anxious
Firefox.... upgrade?
Has anyone else noticed that Firefox 1.0PR runs twice as slow and half as well as the last several Beta versions?

Current Mood: blah
Linux Standards Base
Chapter 1. Software Installation

Applications shall either be packaged in the RPM packaging format as defined in this specification, or supply an installer which is LSB conforming (for example, calls LSB commands and utilities). [37]

Distributions shall provide a mechanism for installing applications in this packaging format with some restrictions listed below. [38]

I posted the above excerpt because I am curious on what the community thinks about LSB declaring "rpm" as the packaging format. I do realize that footer [38] allows for others, but it sparked my curiosity enough to want to inquire with in the community.

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