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Monday, September 13th, 2004

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Who invented O(1) scheduler algorithm?
In Abhishek Chatterjee's resume I saw this ...

We are working on the development of an effective CPU
Scheduling Algorithm named as ELRR: Error Limit
Round Robin Scheduling. It is an O (1) Time Complexity
Proportional Share Scheduler. We are concerned with its
design, implementation and evaluation. This is being
implemented in the Linux kernel 2.4.2.

Actually who invented the O(1) algorithm in linux-2.6? Is that based on something like this?
San Francisco Bay Area High School seeks Linux guru to come in and teach a workshop on server maintenance, sysadmin, and config work. MySQL and PHP knowledge helpful, as is a detailed knowledge of Apache. We will pay. Please leave a comment or e-mail me at the address in my userinfo if you are qualified or know someone who is. Thanks.

Current Mood: calm
Someone suggested nicotine to me a while back here. I just got it installed. It runs now (after some dependancy arguments) but when I open it up nothing happens. is there a connection I need to make or something? I'm running on a DSL internet connection with a single ip gateway. Don't know if that helps.
Free Gmail accounts!!!!!!!!!
Ive got 6, Email me at little0831 at gmail.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Email attachment question
I'm trying to automate dumping a mySQL database to a CSV and then sending the CSV as an attachment to a predefined email address. Dumping the database to CSV works okay. The problem I'm having is figuring out how to email it as an attachment from the command line.

The site is running on a pair server so there's little chance they'd let me install mutt. Could someone please enlighten me as to where to look for qmail command line syntax to mail an attachment? I've spent hours on google looking.

mail -a attachment.csv -s "Subject" target@domain

doesn't seem to be working.
Anyone have any clue about getting MySQL to work with PHP 4.04. Because of several dependencies, ultimately falling down to needing to update glibc, there's no easy way to update, and i can't find any RPM or source for phpMySQL 4.04...anybody have any tips?

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