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Sunday, September 12th, 2004

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New metaphor of filesystem
I am thinking of doing this for my final year project.

I propose to design a new filesystem (or patch existing ones) that supports the concepts of "virtual folders".  Virtual folders can be nested, but mostly i won't be like that.  Each 'virtual folder' has a vname.  Each file/folder in classic filesystem can be attached one or more vnames.  Hence they will be visible when one of the corresponding 'virtual folder' is opened by user.

I was just reading about SFS in short time. So my questions is this feasible to implement in linux.  That is, are they any gotchas that I need to worry about when implementing such thing over VFS?

Or could I do this in the user-space level?  I have heard of user-space filesystem layer for linux.  Can I use that with operation like updating into database? (which itself is quite non-responsive)

Please throw some thoughts.

PS: Anybody know whether seth's storage is actively developed?
Do we copy from Microsoft?
I often hear people saying that Linux geeks copy ideas from Microsoft and implement them.  I won't agree with that.  Nobody is contributing alone.  There are many researchers (from various academic institutions, not specifically from Microsoft) doing the hard work.  (Take WinFS for eg., it's nothing but derivative work starting from Semantic File System.)  I can also say that Microsoft simply adds some windows-specific bits to their work and be the first player to implement it.  That's all.  They have the resources in hand to be the first, not to allow anybody else before them. 

Hackers usually don't bother such things.  But even our OSS community has started to catch up with this.

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