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Saturday, September 11th, 2004

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Open Source Philosophy
I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine and he came up with an interesting point.

His contention is that open source software is ruining the software industry. He is a professional 'software engineer' btw.

The logic is along the lines that if people write and distribute software for free it devalues the paid for products. After all who would pay for something that they can get for free? Those who graduate university expect to be able to enter an industry where they will be paid a reasonable wage. If there are few jobs in the industry then those with the talent are not going to enter them thus a loss of professionals and the ruination of the industry.


It's my understanding that the majority of open source contributors are professionals. There's probably many many discussions along these lines elsewhere would anyone care to distill the general opinions and arguments regarding this? I'm not having any luck guessing google search terms.
I can only log into gnome in root...
I maxed out my hard drive with music.... and then got

"GDM could not write to your authorization file. This could mean that you are out of disk space or that your home directory could not be opened for writing. In ancy case, it is not possible to log in. Please contact your administrator."

Now I can only log into root.... but not KDE, only Gnome. So now I'm stuck here, after deleting about 1000 songs and my ~/music folder is at a manageable 6GB or so.

I'm not sure what to do, has anyone seen this error or can tell me what I can try.


Current Mood: blank
I have a question which may be a little off topic in here...

I have a thing for top-down mmorpg's..(think ragnarok), and I'm having problems finding a good one to run in linux (probably just not looking hard enough)

I used to play Conquer Online in Windows but don't really feel like emulating just to play it...so my question is which mmorpg's you guys think are the best (and free) for linux?

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