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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

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I just found an old computer and my boyfriend says that his grandmother has another old one (Circa mid 90's) in her basement. I like a project so I was going to try to reformat them with a linux version. They are old machines... the one I know of at least has a mouse that hooks up like the connector of a monitor to the tower (best description I can manage).

The only smallish version of linux I've ever heard of was Damn Small. Is there any other linux version I can d/l and possibly use on such boxes?

Advice is grand... I've been so busy lately (last 3 months) that Distrowatch looks foreign to my eyes.

Current Mood: anxious
Hi, I'm Caitlin. 20 years old. Long Island, NY. Enough introducing.

My boyfriend has been using Linux for years now and I've fooled around with it a little but never really got into it. Tonight I decided it was about time and had him install it on my computer. So far I love it, but I knew I would. I'm a computer science & math double major and this kind of thing is just... my thing.

Does anyone have some beginner's tips or some recommended programs? I'd appreciate that a lot.
n00bage here
I know this is a dangerous request, and it's a dangerous endeavor I'm setting out on, but I need to update glibc on some RedHat 7.1 boxes. It's really my only option, and I'm willing to take the risk. I've set up a test box so if something goes wrong while I'm figuring it out I have no problems, but I can not get it to compile. I've gotten tons of different errors, and would be eternally grateful if someone could help me figure this one out. If you've got any tips or possibly a set of instructions for doing this, I will give you a cookie or something. I just need help!!!

Current Mood: lost
anyone know of an open source ASP emulator for linux? I remember someone mentioned one (not chillisoft)
So up until now I haven't been even moderately paranoid about this but mu company is instituting a no use policy on all computers, which is to say that people will be terminated on sight for using their computers for anything that isn't company related. I think this is a bad policy and I've never seen it work anywhere, but I haven't been able to talk my GM out of it. I also have no intention of following it, so if anyone has any good workarounds that will scrub temporary internet files or traces of use I'd like to hear about it. I haven't found anyhting on my own so far. Worst case scenario: I get fired and find a better job. It's not like I'm not already making less than every SysAdmin in the nation.

So, everyone chip in and help me cheat the man. Just a little.

. . . it's not like i don't do my freaking job . . .

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