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Monday, September 6th, 2004

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apache file permissions?
Hey all, this is my call for tech support.

I'm using Gallery on Apache to manage my pictures. I understand that it does everything through files, but for some reason it keeps creating them with the permissions -r--------, owned by apache. I receive many errors saying that the directories must be owned by apache.apache (they are) and chmodded 777 (they are). It's just these new files keep getting created by apache/gallery readonly. I checked httpd.conf for any mention of a umask with no luck. Any hints on where else I could look, or why it's behaving this way?
LCD monitors
I'm thinking about buying an LCD monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 173P, to be exact) and am curious about any compatibility issues that may arise from running that in Linux. To my knowledge, X only needs to know the vertical and horizontal sync rates to be able to use it, is this correct? Additionally, this particular monitor configures all its settings (i.e. brightness, contrast) using software only available for Windows. I suppose this could be a problem for Linux. Anyone have any experiences with this LCD? In any case, maybe some of you could recommend another high-end Linux-compatible LCD. Thanks.

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