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Friday, September 3rd, 2004

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WebDAV ...
Korganizer used to be my PIM of choice but now that I have a PowerBook I've been using iCal. The problem this has caused for me is that I'm no longer able to easily export my calendar in iCal like I could in Korganizer. What I'm getting at is, I need to set WebDAV up on my server. I have had no experience with it before. Is it built into Apache? Do I have to install anything? Is it relatively easy? Could you suggest any good online sources for information?

Operatica - Cherry Six By Darryl Strickland - Melancholy Rose

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FYP Ideas and Gmail
I am an undergraduate student. I am desperately looking for a final year project. My guide is interested in Open Source based projects, he also expects novel idea (else the implementation has to be more complex)

You will get a gmail invite if you suggest me a good project based on kernel, open source, .. based on novel ideas.
I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I need to download Linux from www.linuxiso.org, so I'm getting SUSE 9.1:


Just shows one "Personal" iso there.. Is that all I will need? I'm just used to downloading many iso's in the past, not just one, so I hope that I'm not wasting my time here.
Sylpheed-Claws and spam
I've finally gotten fed up with Thunderbird. Today, I made the switch to Syspheed-claws. Got it configured with very little trouble and imported all my mail with great success. Everything's groovy. One little difficulty I'm having. Claws comes with spamassasin plugin. I enabled both that and the GTK interface which shows up in "Other Preferences". Everything's set up - basically with defaults. My question is... now what? Do I need to have spamassasin daemon running separately, with its own configs and Sylpheed will just ride on top of that? Or am I correct in my understanding that I have to download mail through something like fetchmail, filter it through spamassasin and then have Sylpheed read my local mailbox? And if that's correct, why the devil do I need spamassasin plugins and more importantly, is there a better way?

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