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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

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philly goes 100% city-wide wifi

This is really cool. If it works, I'd like to think that it could start a trend. Seattle's been talking about this forever.
stupid mail . . .
So I just picked up thunderbird from the Mozilla website and it looks neat, but I can't import any of my old mail or contacts from Evolution. I found a script for it online that weas not helpful and I located a suggestion online that sounded easy as pie, but the directories that they suggest I use do not exist in my thunderbird. Heh. Great.

Any suggestiuons?
a day of ideas
although the novell conference was boring, had a couple of ideas while was there.

was listening to a speaker's talk about 'linux in india' when all of a sudden i remembered wintutor.exe. now, wintutor was a small, nifty application which was bundled along with windows 3.1 (history). all it did was to teach absolute basics like how to use the mouse, the gui, etc. it then hit me that apps like these which teach an absolute newbie how to use the computer. i mean, it's easy for us to say 'click there' or 'close that window' or 'log out of kde and log in to gnome'. but for someone who's never ever used a computer before, it would be great if there was something that would make him/her familiar with the ui.

so in that direction, was thinking or writing small app(s) which would do really basic things like how to move the mouse, click a button, understand dialog boxes, move a window, how to roll it up, make it sticky, close it, etc...

is there any similar app already? i tried to google, but couldn't get the right keywords :p

opinions and comments?

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