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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

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guys, if anyone got an GMAIl invite plz mail me ... =)))

thanks a lot, take care =)
ipsec, pptp, ipx
so i'm trying to set up a few things in my attempt to get some stuff working in linux. basically, a friend of mine wants to play lords of magic over a LAN just for fun. so i installed it in linux using wine, and it runs fine. however, the problem i've having, is with the multiplayer feature. it uses ipx and only ipx as the protocol, so i have to get that working under linux. i'm running slackware, which as far as i can tell, does't come with any ipx utilities. thus, i grabbed an rpm, and rpm2tgz'ed it to a slackware package and installed it. now as i understand, it's just a simple ipx_interface -p eth0 802.2 0x12345678 or whatever for that last part. check. however i have to make sure my friends are using the same network id thing (the 0x12345678) under their config for ipx in windows right? theirs usually, or is supposed to default to 00000000, which linux doesn't like. b/c this is a linux post, i wont' go into the details of my attempts to get them a different network id, lol. anyway, first question, is setting up ipx (assuming the kernel module 'ipx' is already loaded) really as simple as just that one ipx_interface command? and will the game under wine pick up this protocol on it's own?
also...one of my friends is moving away to england soon, and thus to play this game with him, we'd need to create a vpn (for a lan game). this is where it gets fuzzy for me, b/c i'm taking little things i've learned and piecing them together. the way i'm setting this up, is using pptp and IPSec, i'm gonna create a vpn for my friends to connect to. for ipsec, i'm using FreeS/WAN, and pptp i'm using poptop. so my question for this would be. assuming i set up ipsec, pptp, and ipx...and run a multiplayer game under wine, does this sound like i'm doing everything right? i'm still kinda a beginner when it comes to this stuff. also, would it be necessary at all to run smb/nmb. is it necessary for windows compatability? just asking for an opinion if i should be doing this another way...or if what i described here wouldn't work.//

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your opinion counts
I have a redhat 9 Linux server that plays the role of my apache httpd with php/mysql server, as well as a samba(for my win hosts)/nfs(for my linux hosts) server. I got a cd through the mail for Linux suse enterprise server and Linux suse professional. Any recommendations before I upgrade my redhat server? I was thinking of first upgrading my Linux client pc before I do anything to my server to first get a hang of it. Any other recommendations?

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I love using windows on my girlfriends computer....

And dial-up....

and aol.

shoot me in the face.

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