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Monday, August 30th, 2004

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i'm not new to linux, but i'm not advanced. this problem has me stumped though. in windows xp i could always use this to burn cd's, but for some reason, k3b doesn't allow me to burn regular cd-r's. i don't know why. i probably could have worded this post better, but i'm tired.

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Gmail invites
Hello all!

I have a few gmail invites, and all my friends that wanted one already have one.

If anyone wants one, please post here and I'll hook you up. If your email address is not on your profile, please leave it in your post.

Take care,
OK, running Mandrake 10.0. Kernel is 2.6.8
Alsa is not muted and I have tried both the emu10k1 and snd-emu10k1 modules. Everything loads correctly. aRTS and ESD both seem to load okay of called.

No sound!

I have tried all of the ports in the soundcard - I understand sometimes these were misread and did not work as they should have.

I have also tried two different SBlive cards. The first was the SBlive platinum and the second an SBlive LS. The same result from both. I have run other distros and earlier Mandrake distros with similar cards and had no problem at all. It is becoming a little frustrating to say the least.

Does anyone have any ideas? Let me know if you want any further information on this.

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removing your code from Linux tree
In the Kernel development list, there has been a discussion about the pwc drivers.

If you remember from my previous post about the PWC webcam driver for Phillips a some Logitech webcams has been discontinued.

Since the developer of such driver is demanding his code to be removed from the kernel tree, Alan Cox made a very interesting point.
Read bellow.

List: linux-kernel
Subject: Re: [linux-usb-devel] Re: Summarizing the PWC driver
Date: 2004-08-29 13:40:00
Message-ID: <1093786799.27934.28.camel () localhost ! localdomain>
[Download message RAW]

On Sad, 2004-08-28 at 00:13, Oliver Neukum wrote:
> Keeping drivers against the wishes of the authors in the tree would
> be very troubling for the future. I can assure you that no maintainer
> will lightly pull a driver in this way.

Then the kernel community is no longer fit to use my code. So you should
remove everything I've written from Linus kernel too. I'll maintain my
own kernel.

Oh gosh, look I've just crippled Linus tree and stolen his project.
Thats *WHY* you can't just rip drivers out. A license was granted, for
ever. You can certainly remove him from maintainers, and if he insists
from the author credits.


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Workspace Usability
Right now I have seven workspaces I use in my desktop (WindowMaker). Each one is there for specific types of software, ie one for web stuff, one for terminals, one for music/movies etc. Being in the proper desktop when opening an app, or constantly sending them to the right places gets tedious.

Anyone know of a WM that allows you to set specific desktops for specific apps? Like, everytime I open firefox it'll automatically load on Workspace 1, Konsole on Workspace 2, etc?
Another stupid newbie question
After a filesystem crash yesterday (my own fault, that shitty power supply was long overdue for replacement, and gave out plenty of warnings) I decided to rebuild my workstation from scratch.

I have two drives - 80GB and 100GB. The 100GB is for data, 80GB is for systems.

My aim is to have a quad boot - Windows 98 for pcAnywhere 8 (I need it to connect to point-of-sale computers running DOS and pcAnywhere 5 - version 8 is the last one compatible with it, and it doesn't run on NT), Windows 2000 Professional for some specific software that isn't XP-friendly, Windows XP for most of the work, and Fedora for messing around with Linux (which I do whenever I have some spare time - meaning rarely enough).

Now, what exactly is the "right" way to do it? I'm thinking about creating a 5GB primary FAT32 partition, installing Win98 on it, then a 10GB NTFS 3.0 partition for Win2K and install, then a 40GB NTFS 3.1 partition for WinXP, and when it's all complete, run the Fedora install to squeeze it into the remaining 20GB. The data drive is a single FAT32 secondary partition, to keep it readable under all OS'es.

Will Fedora installer be able to make sense of all the resulting mess and configure grub appropriately, or will I have to do manual configuration? What hidden trouble do I have to watch for? Am I making sense at all? :)
Palm linux
Before I really knew about linux I got a Sony Clie` palm top. Now I know that it's possible to put linux on a palm device like an iPAQ. I've found plenty of info on iPAQ mods, is it possible to hack anything out like that for a Sony Clie`? Anyone have any experiance?

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