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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

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I was used Mandrake 9.2 and 10. And I found both very unstable under X. But under Knoppix all are right. What the most stable Linux system under X (on yours opinion)?

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I have a problem. I've downloaded Linux drivers for software modem LG LM-I56N from NetoDragon website. Installation was over successfully, but driver not work. Script says [OK] after “start” command, but on “status” command always answers “driver is dead”. I use Mandrake Linux 10 with default kernel. Maybe someone use this modem under Linux. Please answer, especially if you use Mandrake 10.

Current Mood: sleepy
Anyone wanna buy a slightly used almost new Netgear router? I built my own linux router using IPCop and am using it right now... It's really really great. A mini-linux distrubution that has a ten minute zeroconfig install and web interface... (check out IPCop here)... i really dig it. Heres a link of software it contains. Its even setup to handle/administrate wireless \with encryption and ACL's... long as you have a WAP.

Besides having full IPtable support and things like Snort and Squid already lined up, I've configured it to run with a few other "addons" of note that I found and am using, Squidguard and Copfilter...

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