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Saturday, August 21st, 2004

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Is there a way to fetch Source RPMs with URPMI? I've RTFM but this doesn't seem to be addressed in any FM that I've R.
Finally got the Novell kit
(Courtesy this Novell offer post on July 5th)

Today I have received a set of three DVDs from Novel consisting of
1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (+ ximian, Nterprise Linux Services etc)
2. SUSE Linux Professional 8.2 (+ Groupwise, Red Carpet etc)
3. SUSE Linux Professional 9.1

Those who have an experience with this stuff from Novell, Got any suggestions for me?

Since this being my first experience with SUSE (have used FC and Debian distros earlier), I am planning to try out the professional 9.1 version at home and Enterprise Server at office. Personal activity starts today and Official activity from monday.
I'm having trouble switching one of my linux boxes back to windows... I have never had this happen, but FDISK keeps freezing on me... I have no idea as to why, I have tried to boot up with a windows 98 CD, as well as a windows 98 bootdisk, and a windows 98SE bootdisk. So I can't delete this non-dos partition, and creat a new primary dos partition on my drive.

I dunno if anyone could help with this or not, but I figured I might as well ask.
Integrate RSS feeds into your Openbox 3 root-menu
Ok. I just started learning to do cool things with Openbox and writing my own shell scripts, so I wrote a small PHP script that would grab an RSS feed, parse it, and add the titles from the RSS feed into your root menu. so that when you click on them, it will open your browser of choice to that story. I posted it on the Gentoo Forums, if anyone is interested. I hope this is of some usefulness/help to some people ^_^.

Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll be crazy enough to do this using awk, grep, and wget in Bash ^_^

Current Mood: accomplished

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