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Friday, August 20th, 2004

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gnomemeeting/gconf woes
i'm having a problem with gnomemeeting/gconf. anyone think they might be able to help? the problem is as follows: upon attempting to start gnomemeeting, i receive this error: 'GnomeMeeting got an invalid value for the GConf key "/apps/gnomemeeting/general/gconf_test_age".' i've narrowed this down to the fact that /apps/gnomemeeting/general/gconf_test_age doesn't exist, but I'm not exactly sure where to go from there.

Google wasn't much help, and the multiple IRC channels i've asked in haven't either. I've tried updating gtk+ and reinstalling gnomemeeting, as was suggested by someone, but that failed.

If it makes any difference, I'm running Gentoo.

Edit: I should probably add that the two FAQ/troubleshooting resources provided by the error dialog were not of any use either.
ethernet bonding
Is it possible to do ethernet bonding through a switch? The network I'm working with has to move gigs upon gigs of data back and forth all the time. I've got a cardboard box full of NIC's, a meaty 16 port switch, and 5 machines that are moving data between one another. We're looking at cost effective ways boost transfer speeds and we can't afford Gigabit Ethernet at this time. In fact we have NO budget for this so we must work with what we have.

I've never done bonding before. Are there any tips or tricks we should be aware of?

I've never noticed any difference between NIC's and have always stuck with the 8139too series but are there better ones to be had or NIC's that anyone recommends? I sometimes wonder if that isn't part of our network bottleneck - not that theres any indication that thats the case. I just wonder sometimes.
So, I'm looking at the Logitech diNovo media desktop. Any word on whether it will work in redhat? Will I have to download drivers? Anyone have any experience here?

Current Mood: curious
glib pango atk gtk etc from source for n00bs
After a few frustrating minutes assuming that the defaults for things between four source packages from the same project would be the same and finding out that glib, pango, atk and gtk can't find each other; and STFW finding a lot of well meaning people offering information to an amazing amount of people posting the same problems that was perhaps technically competant but extreemly unhelpful; I then resorted to RTFM (terrible I know but what's a guy to do?) and sorted out what they needed.

That was a compound sentence and a half.

Anyway I thought I might post it here for google to spider...

# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
# make
# make install

( some distros may be just --prefix=/usr )
rinse, repeat for each lib then;

# ldconfig

( -v if you're paranoid like me )
if your distro does it that way... >.>

Or something like that I shouldn't post stuff when I'm dead tired. I'm sure you guys will pick up any glaring errors I posted. *colapses*
Are the ip addresses a system is using listed anywhere in the /proc directory?

From a programming point of view the out put from the /proc files are much generally easier to processes than the multiline output ifconfig gives you.

I looked in /prc/net but there were no obvious ip addresses.
System broadcast message
When the system goes down for shutdown it broadcasts a mnessage about how it's doing so to all users. Is there a way to broadcast other messages to all users? Like if I want ot tell everyone ot log off the system can I do that? I'd imagine I can, but I don't know how.

/. has a story that M$ has a patent for sudo.


Current Mood: annoyed
Very nasty bug in (and others?)

Basically, there's a memory leak when writing audio cd's, which makes the machine run out of memory really fast.

Oh, and it doesn't say it, but it also corrupts the burn, so the cd's you burn are all borked.

Data CD's are apparently unaffected.

Edit: This is fixed for gentoo users in gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.8-r3.

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