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Thursday, August 19th, 2004

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login problems
i finished setting up linux on an extra computer for my friend, which was great. i love getting new people introduced to linux. anyway, i hit a bit of a snag. the computer is meant to be just as a simple browse the web and go onto aim thing. well i figured, it'd be easier for those ppl if it ran in single user mode, so they didn't have to log on anymore. so i set it to runlevel 1, and rebooted. upon reboot, it decided to do some nasty things. the problem is that i can't recall all of them. something about sending the processes the sighup signal, then it gave me a login prompt. the login prompt was different too though. looked normal, but it said..."blank" somewhere in it. like comp2 (blank) login:
it might have been something besides blank. but, it had the same idea...and was something that normally shouldn't have been there. so anyway, i log in using the regular username (root) and password that i set up. changed it to runlevel 4 for graphical login, so as to not run into this problem again. well, i logged out, and rebooted. now it doesn't let me log in at all! i've tried different combinations of uppercase and lowercase, leaving out letters and symbols and numbers...(perhaps i could've mistyped the first 4 times). anyway, i'm stumped. does going into single user mode change the password at all? there isn't anything needed on the computer, as it is a fresh install. i'd just like to find an easier way than reinstalling. the only thing i haven't tried yet, is changing inittab back to single user to see if it helps at all. comments? suggestions?

info that may be relevent:
Slackware 10
Kernel 2.4.26//
last boot time?
Is there anyhting is my boot records or anywhere else where I could determine the last time my system was booted (not hte last login, but eth last time the machine started up)? Maybe a log of such things?

I think the cleaning people may be messing around with my computer at night and I'd like to make sure I'm not being paranoid before I say anyhting. if I did have such a thing (in redhat 9.0) where would it be?


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