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Monday, August 16th, 2004

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So my Novell SUSE kit came and went. I can't mount a single disk, nor can I explore them in linux or windows, not can I boot from any of them.

I waited two months for some lovely coasters. Great.
possibly fried IDE controller?
Hi all. I'm trying to install Slack-10 on my machine that I just built...Asus A7n8x-x board, NForce II chipset...XP3200 chip, 1 GB of PC3200 DDR RAM.

Whenever Kernel-2.4.22 boots up, I get a warning something like the following: Note that my depiction may not exactly be accurate, as I was not able to re-capture the message after it was
"BIOS set cable bits incorrectly, enabling workaround.

I'm assuming this is for both IDE channels, since both my CDROM drives are acting flaky...My TDK drive, which was in the machine I am typing this on now, I know works fine. I have an NEC drive
that I had in an old box some time ago...The kernel reports all sorts of timeout errors, associated with detecting maximum speed of the drive...Tray open, etc. So its possible that that
particular drive may be dying. However I know the TDK drive is good. On a completely unrelated note, the Award BIOS I'm using here keeps reporting that it failed to detect the floppy drive. I
am currently using round IDE/floppy cables in everything except the NEC drive, which is on a ribbon cable. My IDE configuration is the following: Hard disk jumpered as master on the first
connector on the cable, TDK CDROM drive slave (using the middle connector on the cable), and the other end is plugged into the board. The second IDE channel just has the NEC cdrom drive as
master. Could setting all the drives to cable-select perhaps fix/help things a bit? To anyone who may be using the same motherboard as me: How would I go about fixing whatever is causing that
warning message? Thanks!

Current Mood: annoyed
This is great.......
The New Jersey governor should go ahead and quit now - he's already got his shit packed.

The "NEW" New Jersey state bird - the swallow.

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