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Thursday, August 12th, 2004

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installation problem
I got right to the end of the installation, the part where I had to create a user, but when I rebooted in order to do this, I had the following message:

Loading Linux.....
BIOS data check successful
You passed an undefined mode number
Press to see video modes available, to continue or wait 30 secs


Video adapter: VESA VGA

0 OFOO----80*25
1 OFO1----80*50
2 OFO2----80*43
3 OFO3----80*28
4 OFO5----80*30
5 OFO6----80*34
6 OFO7----80*60

Enter mode number or 'scan'

[so I tried both, and this is what I got...]

VFS: Cannot open root device "202" or 02:02
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernal panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:02


I had made a boot floppy of my slackware installation, so I booted from it. It said something about ext2 and that there was an error, but I didn't have that filing system - I had installed reiserfs.

So I'm reinstalling everything now, but with ext2 as my file system.

Any thoughts?
You might think this is silly, but I have a cron job that runs a complete backup of my systems to a remote location every Thursday the 12th.

Thought I'd share

Palm on Linux
I have a major problem here. Since my update to FC2, I have not been able to get my Palm to sync with the PC. My preferred app is Jpilot, but I get no luck with gpilotd either. Under RH9, it worked just fine using /dev/usb/ttyUSB0. Now, I get nothing. It sits trying to connect and then fails with 'pi_bind illegal seek". Has anybody gotten palm working with anything remotely useful - meaning decent graphical client that has at least datebook, address, to do and notes functions? A few forums hinted that it may be a 2.6 kernel issue, but most things on the web regarding palm and linux are very flaky.

Current Mood: frustrated
Lost root password
A friend of mine has a laptop running Libranet 2.8, and they seem to have forgotten their root password. This is generally not a problem, except apparently they don't have write access to their floppy drive as user, and that somehow needs to be fixed. (Also, their ethernet card is fried, which is why the files need to be moved off in the first place.) So basically...

1) Is there a way to reset the root password? (Preferably, something that can be done inside of an afternoon.)
2) Alternatively, is there a way of granting write access to the floppy drive (more accurately, to the mountpoint of /dev/fd0, which in this case is /floppy) without needing the root password? Note that editing /etc/fstab can't happen either without root access.

I really hope this isn't a stupid question. And I swear that I'm not going to do anything evil or malicious with this.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance you can provide!
I've gotten control of a server that is having some issues.  I've located udp.pl, iroffer, and doze4 in the /tmp/ directory.  I've removed all of these files and disabled all compilers on the system right now.  My question is can I change permissions in /tmp/ so it's not executable?  To stop these files from being run.  I know mysql.sock file is in there, which hasn't worked when I tried this before, but any suggestions?  Yes I know I need to find out how they are putting these files in /tmp/ but the question right now is to stop the attacks/bandwidth stealing from happening while I figure out the rest.

News Groups
I was using readfreenews.com to subsribe to some unix newsgroups, but it seem their service is down. Does anyone know of a FREE news-server that populates technical groups (alt.linux , comp.security.unix , comp.unix.bsd.* etc ) Thanks in advance.

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