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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

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freaking a
Three times in a row now I've opened a docuiment in Vim and it's closed on its own after being open for about a minute. What the heck is that? I'm goign to reboot to see if that fixes it but sheesh. Anyone?

Current Mood: pissed off
Does anyone have any suggestions on a replacement for someone who is running Xandros Open Circulation presently and really likes it, but wants a distro with the new kernel? KDE/Debian based is preferred.
GPS Experiment
I've just bid for a CF based GPS receiver off ebay and I am in possession of a CF-IDE adapter. Does anyone know whether this will work?

Compact Flash cards are treated as IDE drives under Linux I think, so how are other CF devices handled?
thanks for the advice
I'm going to go ahead and delete my windows partition using cfdisk, then install slackware10 and just have windows on my other computer. I have a windows 95 disk somewhere, so, if I want to later install windows 2000, I should be ok. If I have problems with windows trying to take over my entire hardrive, I'll come here for help : )

I'm going to install linux now btw, so expect some more cries for help later on today. I'll be x-posting them in slackware too.
nVIDIA Aeolus FX5200 video card
I'm considering buying this card for one of my Linux boxes for a couple of reasons. The card that came with the box is too wimpy (ATI Rage XL 8MB), and I want something that will perform better. Even some simple KDE games run like hell. Also, I want to be able to dual-boot and use the card for games. Lastly, this card has a great price. I can purchase it locally for about $70. More specs on the card here.

My main concern is that it runs well in Linux, or in the very least that it will not cause me grief. Any experience with the card? Or any better recommendations for the same price range?

(Just for the record, I'm not going to play any bleeding edge games). TIA!
Sending commands/dialing the modem from the command line.
I've looked everywhere for information about doing this. I don't want to set up a PPP connection, or dial a bbs. I need to be able to send dial commands to the modem from the command line. I need to do this, so I can turn call forwarding on and off on my phone line at night, because of some yahoo, that keeps calling my house at 4am with a fax modem. I want to see what he is trying to fax to me, maybe try to get contact info from it, so I need to set up a cron job. Any help would be appreciated.


I finally figured how to dial from the command, the script is behind the cut.

Script example behind the cut!

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