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Friday, August 6th, 2004

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I'm just putting together an old HP Pavilion 6545C with a Intel 500MHz Celeron in it. I want to install Linux on it, and just want to download a ISO from a site. I don't want to have to pay or go through all sorts of trouble since I don't know what distro I want to use yet. So I don't see paying for a CD now, when I don't know, but I will support the one I go with once I decide.

So I'm just wondering where I should go to find the ISO's I need, and which distro would run well on this old computer? I'm just looking for a simple distro since this will be new to me and I would like to learn as I go with it and not be too overcome by an overly technical version of linux.

What we do for the boss-client?
Recently I started compiling a not-likely-to-be-distributed distribution of GNU?Linux (and some proprietary) for my (parenthetical) boss at my current client. That is: he's probably not going to ever distribute it, but I'm specifically wanting to impress him. Perhaps he'll authorize more Linux installs down the road? Who knows. Right now, I just have to show him how useful a mixed proprietary-GNU Linux can be for the desktop. One of the tricks I've been using is to slavishly replicate the icons with which he is familiar under WinXP.

Anyhow, to the point: I've found the programs in the icotools collection very useful in faking the L&F he will require.


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