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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

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quick question
Is the TERM the same as the TERMCAP? For example, is it usually the case that if I'm using a vt100 terminal that I can assume that TERM=xt100 and TERMCAP=vt100? If not where can I find a listing of the TERMCAPs?

The problem: I'm trying ot make aterm work with some software we have here at work and I'm hoping that a combination of a TERM and TERMCAP of some sort will do the trick. If not I may have to get even more creative.


Current Mood: determined
NIS or its equivilants
Getting my ass handed to me by NIS and wondered if anyone had a recommended howto they'd used with success.

Part two of this question is of course, am i wasting my time trying to figure it out when theres something better that I should be looking at?

Is it possible to configure rsync to fire off as a cron job and if so, how if it requires your password to do it?

shanks all
How to attack Linux?
I've got a bit of an unusual dilemma on my hands.

I'm doing some evaluations of Linux products at work (distros, a few tools, stuff like that). One of the fun ones I get to try out is putting LIDS onto a server and trying to lock it down as tight as possible. It looks like I can make one freakin' impossible to break system. Which brings me to a problem.

How the heck do you run attacks against Linux boxen in the first place? I know Metasploit and Nessus will do scans/attacks, but I think those are mostly targetted at systems with known vulnerabilities *cough*win32*cough*. So what sort of automated bombardment tools/tricks can anyone think of that'll blow away a Linux box?

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