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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004

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I know this is more an apache issue, but what the hell...

Does anyone have any comments on this?

I'm running an http box on SuSE. I've got SuSE's firewall settings working, and a NAT that restricts access to ports 22 and 80.

Why the Hell should only one person not be able to 'see' the pictures I've posted?
Problems in a large shell user base?
I visit this community often, but mostly to read and comment. This will be my first question (yay!).

I have designed and setup an online community of sorts centered around linux shell access. I have done plenty of server admin (local and remote). However, i've never had more than a handfull of users with shell access to any of my servers. Let alone people i don't personally know having access. Does anyone have experience in this area? Pitfalls to watch for? Communities always seem to attract those who seek to destroy what others value. What are some common problems in a mass multi-user environment?

List of precautions / preparations made
- No unnecessary setuid(0) programs
- Popular text editors and mail clients preinstalled
- Tightened system's global rwx permissions
- Quota installed to limit hd space
- Prepared Terms of Service (mostly unrestrictive)

This isn't a shameless plug. Because if it was, i would have posted a link to the site.. right?
PS: This is a personal project unrelated to work.

Thanks in Advance!
can anyone clue me in on what is required to get the TTL target to work in iptables...

the box in question is running kernel 2.6.7, with iptables 1.2.9

i thought i have to use patch-o-matic to add the CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TTL patch, but when i do that, the patch fails:

Do you want to apply this patch [N/y/t/f/a/r/b/w/q/?] Testing patch base/TTL.patch...
Testing patch base/TTL.patch...
Warning - no help text file could be found in either
or /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Configure.help
Warning - no help text file could be found in either
grep: /usr/src/linux/net/ipv4/netfilter/Config.in: No such file or directory
or /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Configure.help
Could not find place to slot in Config.in line

any suggestions?
aterm . . . where did my directional buttons go?
I just installed aterm in my RedHat 9.0 system (running Windowmaker). Saddly, I can't seem to make use of the directional arrows. they just feed in junk. Any idea how I need to go about fixing that. the manual says nothign about it (not surprisingly) and the webpage has no real support. i can't find an instance of this online anywhere.

It seems that more than those keys are messes up. my delete is a biyt off as well. that's all I've noticed so far.

When I was usaing Xterm before the Fx keys were broken before (a pain if you need to F1 out of a program window as I do) so I just used a command line off the GUI. But if this can be made to work I'd be much happier with it.



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