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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

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MS Natural?
I'm sorry I'm getting in the habit of posting OT here, but I figure if any group of people would be able to symapthize with a silly and geeky obsessive compulsive problem, a bunch of linux users would -

So, the dilemma - I have a very nice, ancient Microsoft Natural keyboard. I love it very much - it's been reliable and useful. However - I recently bought a new KVM which will let me switch USB devices and a monitor (I like the higher resolution usb mice can supply with the faster polling), but not PS/2 devices. I tried buying a nice little PS/2-to-USB plug adapter ("for use only with keyboards and mice") on the wild hope that I could convert my keyboard that way. Long story short - no computer I have, linux or windows recognizes the keyboard when plugged in via the adapter.

The new MS Naturals, however, have decided that the standard placement of the arrow keys and the home/del/pgup/etc keys should be moved - a change which I have never gotten used to when I've used them. The usb-ps/2 protocol adapters I've found are very expensive (upwards of $30). Any solutions for getting an ergonomic keyboard with friendly key placement and USB support? Alternatives I haven't considered? Help is appreciated.
Gentoo 2004.2 LiveCD problems (x-posted to Gentoo)
Anyone else had problems with the new 2004.2 Gentoo LiveCD?
For some people it gave problems at boot-up. For me, kinda the same, it gave errors after I rebooted the system (I used the 2004.1 LiveCD but installed the 2004.2 packages).

BusyBox v1.0.0-pre7 Builtin shell (ash)
/bin/ash: can't acces tty;
job control turned off"

I believe this is caused by the 2004.2 packages, as I remember seeing an error stating there was a certain folder missing, when I untarred the file.

I guess specs won't help much, but in case it would:
kernel 2.4.26-r6 (2.4 kernel with performance enhancements)
/ == reiserfs
/boot == ext3
/data == ext3 (just a data partition I made)

Any suggestions?

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