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Sunday, August 1st, 2004

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Completely OT - soft WPA
So - i was just wondering, and I figured this is the place where I'm most likely to get responses.

Does anybody who has more than a passing knowledge of WPA know why it has to be implemented in firmware? Why isn't it possible to do soft-WPA a la winmodems? Is there any reason why a network card that thinks it's running in open mode can't be forwarding and receiving WPA-encrypted packets?

If it is possible to do soft WPA - does anybody know software that does it? (linux or windows - bonus points if it's windows)
freezing a running process
is it possible to freeze a running process, so that its execution is completely stalled. Further. is it possible to copy/save the
program with its execution stack, allocated memory and any other data structures associated with it? If it is possible, how can one do it? If any one knows of any such tools please comment. Also will it be possible to load the saved information and structures back into memory and continue the program? Thanks in advance.

Current Mood: contemplative
grrrr.... suse won’t let me do an online upgrade. keeps giving me checksum errors or tells me it can’t cd into the i386 directory or gives me this one "Patch: fetchmsttfonts-3" error. Very very frustrating. If anyone can help with this, I’d appreciate it. Google is providing alot of other people with this problem with varied solutions that don't seem to work for me. the most likely one sounds like a problem with the curl library but its hard to say. The error messages rotate through the same three and change depending on the server. Patch: fetchmsttfonts-3

Nevermind about YOU - I found a workaround. Its a replacement for YOU called fou4s and it appears to work great. check it out - its command line based.


I'm coming from Gentoo and am using SUSE on a public media machine with lots of windows/OSX users.

Other SUSE question...

They have the user switching done and down in a very slick manner and I wondered if anyone knew how they did it. I mean, I can do it on the command line but I’d like to be able to offer this kind of functionality to other users who aren’t quite as... er... familiar with linux as I am.I am.

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