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Friday, July 30th, 2004

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XMMS real audio
Anyone know of a way to get XMMS to play real audio files? I've been looking for a while - can't seem to find a place. I've used mplayer to download the file, which then spits it to xmms for audio output. Thanks.
Things crash to much. How can I see if it's my kernel?
Hi all. Hope you'd ba able to help me out with a problem I'm having. I got a new PC and put Fedora Core 2 on it. However in order to get my ethernet port to be seen my linux, I had to patch and install the 2.6.7 kernel. I needed to do this to get online. Before I got my new PC, I had a laptop with Red Hat 9 on it. (I still have it, just don't use it.)

The problem is that frequently things crash. Well not so much crash as programmes just close unexpectedly. Which is pain in the ass. However this kinda thing didn't happen as often with Red Hat 9. I used both for the same purposes and used similar programmes. I'd like to find out if my new kernel is to blame. I'm entirely sure how though. After a programme crashes usually Firefox, cause I use that so much), I see nothing in /var/log/messages. Is there any other places I should look for kernel related stuff? Is there anyway I can check what caused a programme to crash? Any kind of error log for firefox?

The reason I want to find out if it;s my kernel is because if it is my kernel, I'll just buy a new ethernet card and use that. If it's not my kernel, it could be FC2, and so I'd switch distros. Has anyone who has used FC2 and RH9 find any stability problems like I mentioned?
VNC, Proxies, and Linux, oh my!
Is it possible, without wanting to beat my head with a hammer, to open a VNC link from one Windows XP box to another Windows XP box via a proxy (Squid) running on a Linux box? Can anyone point me to some documentation for doing so? Thanks!

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