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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

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UN*X tips
I came across this site a while ago with some good "tips & tricks" for unix-ish systems. Not all apply to linux, but a good many.
Dualhead nightmare
I decided not so long ago to equip my linux firewall with a TV card and setup a PVR or something like that. The card I used never seemed to work in the computer, I suspect it was using IRQs in use by other cards.

I recently bought a Matrox Marvel G400 off ebay, and with the right amount of tweaking I got output in textmode. It happily shows the login screen in PAL format.

However, when I start X the screen switches to green and black bands and the colours are completely shot. I wonder if anyone knows a solution to this problem.

The card is running the latest flash version with 21TVO. The machine is a P3/500 with 192MB RAM, Linux 2.4.26 with Matrox configs compiled in.

I'm suspecting X is ignoring the screen size and trying to display without using the fbdev settings and attempting to use one of its own.

X Config behind cut:
Collapse )

Current Mood: confused
P2P filesharing app
Currently I have giFT with OpenFT and FastTrack networks going, using the basic giftui for the GUI (I've tried giFToxic, and Apollon and they are similar), but I have two issues with it: Nothing ever seems to dl, and you can't be specific with your searching. Is there a good program out there that will let you specify bitrate, filesize, search specifically the title field, etc...like kazaa does?
openoffice mysteriously not starting
All of a sudden I can't start OpenOffice. I don't get it, this just started. I haven't done anything to my system lately, so I don't know what could be wrong. Hell, I don't even know where to look. I've looked around their site and there's nothing there I can find about what's wrong when it doesn't even start.

I did try starting it using the CLI and just got "aborted" for an error message. Oh and I'm using Libranet 2.8.1. Help?

Okay, updating OpenOffice seems to have fixed it. For now.

Current Mood: kerflummoxed
Linux and Scanners?
I want a really simple semi-cheap scanner that has pretty good linux support. Preferably with RedHat/Fedora support. All I really want is to be able to load up the Gimp and hit acquire and scan some hi-res images. Can someone point me in the right direction to start researching?
Damnit! Why can I not write over files on rewriteable cd's in linux? I can do it just fine in Windows/ Am I missing a huge someting or other?

The process should be identical, right? Still using nautilus, I put in a cd-rw cd and add the file to the burn: directory. I click on burn files to cd and then it just spits the cd out at me, unwilling to overwrite the cd. Or even add to it. What the heck is that? Am I going about this the wrong way?


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