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Friday, July 16th, 2004

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Inspiron 600M
Hi all. I've been doing a bit of research, since I've just picked up one of these laptops. I've heard they work quite well in Linux. However, Dell's factory defaults suck...They don't allow
you to boot from Cd, just floppy or hard disk. I tried booting my Slackware-9.1 floppy diskset on my painfully slow drive (the one I just got), only to find that the kernel can't access the
install.1 disk once I insert it and press enter...Nothing happens. Except for a kmod error, which I don't recall at the moment...And then the system hangs. Btw is it normal for it to take 15
minutes just to load a kernel from floppy? I highly doubt that...And how does Linux typically handle modular drives? A friend of mine told me that he could access his CDRW drive as hdb, and
when his floppy drive was inserted fd0...However I read somewhere that one can't access the fd devices when floppy drive is inserted into modular bay? I am really not sure about this one, as I
have never run Linux on a laptop before. Therefore, I am attempting to shrink a 2.6.6 kernel to as small as possible so as to fit on the 1 floppy...However not having much luck. I am wondering
if the newer kernel will perhaps fix my problem of not being able to access the floppy drive for loading the rootdisks? Also, in listening to all the 2.4.X hardware messages when I last booted
the floppy, I heard something to the effect of: "No floppy controllers found." I am assuming that this is not normal? Thanks!

Current Mood: frustrated
I've had a problem-free system for months, so my linux trouble-shooting skills are very rusty.

Gtk-gnutella was working fine today, when it crashed. Clicking the link only brings up a quick blip of a window which crashes quickly (all within one second). I tried a reboot, but after which I still get the same result.

What should I do? Try to uninstall then reinstall the rpm? Try to suss out what the issue is? Anyone know what the command is for that? I could use some advice here. Gtk-gnutella is my most-used program, bar none, 'specially since I finally got my 3 MB/s connection last week.

Thanks for anything,
sound issue
A while back I posted that my sound doesn't start in Redhat until I start windows in VMWare. Windows somehow kickstarts teh sound, so I was trying to figure out what it used to no avail. Well, I found out this morning that it uses /dev/dsp. Does that mean my sound needs to be mounted? That's odd. How do I go about setting that up so that it'll happen on startup?
Fake AP
hey this is pretty cool...


Black Alchemy’s Fake AP generates thousands of counterfeit 802.11b access points. Hide in plain sight amongst Fake AP’s cacophony of beacon frames. As part of a honeypot or as an instrument of your site security plan, Fake AP confuses Wardrivers, NetStumblers, Script Kiddies, and other undesirables.
Man Pages Reader for palm pilot?
Is there a man page reader and downloadable db for palm m515? This would be pretty useful.

cross posted to the palm community
Dist Upgrade Breaks My Email
I just did an apt-get dist-upgrade, as the packages on my Debian box were getting out of date, and apparently it broke something.

I can't send email from mutt now. I get the following error message:

WARNING: RunAsUser for MSP ignored, check group ids (egid=8, want=109)
Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or TrustedUser.

Can someone help me solve this? Please?

Current Mood: frustrated
progress, however not there yet.
Hi all. Thanks to studlyspam, I was able to successfully boot from the Slackware-9.1 Cd1 disk. However, the system would hang when isapnp went off to probe for ISAPNP cards...Now,
assuming that this laptop doesn't have an ISA bus, no cards would be found...However not sure why the system would just sit there because of it. Does anyone know if perhaps I'd have better
luck with Slackware-10.0, or perhaps Fc1? I might download an iso or 2 and give it a go. However in the meantime, anyone out there have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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