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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

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Gnu Gatekeeper + Netmeeting == pain? :^)
So I'm trying to set up an online meeting with about 5 people using Gnu Gatekeeper as the Gatekeeper for the meeting. I keep running into this problem where only the first two people who connect into a meeting can talk to each other, and the rest can only message each other. We're using Netmeeting for the client so we can do some multimedia stuff - has anyone ever been able to connect a bunch of people together with voice? I'm stumped! :^) I tried running gnugk in the three modes - -r and -rr and with no flags.. Same result..

Edit 11:00 EST
I should have been looking at the OpenMCU package... :) Multi voice conversations are working now - chat and desktop sharing are still out though...
MIDI playback with Debian

Debian Sarge: anyone know how to play a MIDI? I assumed this would be straightforward, but it appears I was wrong. All three of the MIDI players the distribution was kind enough to let me install complained about "no device" or something similar. I'm using a 2.6 series kernel but it appears to have no ALSA (what the hell?) In fact, just getting ALSA working would be a start. I have no idea why it appears to not be the default with Debian kernels. I'd very much like to avoid compiling my own kernel, otherwise I may as well just give up package managers altogether and go back to LFS. In fact, not to rant, but so far Debian has only given me trouble (no encrypted DVD playback, flakey CD burning, inability to compile anything good without installing a million -dev packages). Am I missing something?

My soundcard is a Creative SBLive! affair, emu10k1 driver.

Current Mood: aggravated
fresh install using multiple processors and raid 0

this isn't EVEN going to be easy is it.
linux 2.6.7 silliness
In the configure help for the 2.6.7 kernel for RAID-6:

"WARNING: RAID-6 is currently highly experimental. If you use it, there is no guarantee whatsoever that it won't destroy your data, eat your disk drives, insult your mother, or re-appoint George W. Bush."

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