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Saturday, July 10th, 2004

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Linux noob here. I've just successfully installed Mandrake 10.0 alongside Windows XP on a dual-boot system. It took me three days to get the disk partitioning right, I'd set it up so Linux worked but Windows didn't, or that the system wouldn't recognise the hard disk's existence, stuff like that. Eventually I figured out that the Mandrake installer apparently doesn't like NTFS partitions, so I made the Windows partition FAT32 and it worked perfectly.

I look forward to learning all about Linux.

Anyone know how to force vim to S&R in a range, instead of line by line or global? I'm trying to replace a term by a range of lines. So, I'd like to replace all occurancies of Entry with Enter, buy only from lines 10-20, not globally.
Does it globally, but I'd like to do something

Can't seem to find the right sytax for this. Thanks to anyone who reads this.
Where's the USE flag for that?!
While building xine, I happened to catch autoconf spewing out:
*** The caca-config program installed by CACA could not be found
*** If CACA was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
*** your path, or use --with-caca-prefix to set the prefix
*** where CACA is installed.
*** All CACA-dependent parts will be disabled ***

I think I'm actually OK with my programs being CACA-free.

Current Mood: blah
i'm fairly new to linux, and i finally got my hands on ydl 3.0.1 the other day
installed and everything went smoothly
except for 2 things
i have a ttx monitor, nice big 17" beige one
brand spanking new, so linux of course couldn't find it
i used one of the default generic drivers for the monitor and i got picture
hell i got linux, but everything seemed kinda big
figured out that linux only goes up to 800*600 even though i'm running osx right now on the same hardware at 1280*1024
so i was playing around with how many millimeters/inches (in the display control panel) the monitor has
i got side tracked and went and did some network stuff
after i finished meddling with the network control panel it told me i need to reboot the machine or restart the network thingy
so everytime i change anything in linux i simply log out and in and presto
anyway, i had previously set the millimeters to something like 1000 by 986 and hit ok and apply then rebooted without thinking
stupid alex...

i broke the windowserver
it tells me i need to fix this manually through the command line, since windowserver is getting an error and i can't even log in through the gui

i have no idea what to do at this point
there's a message that pops up saying it can print out(on screen) the logs for windowserver and after that another message saying it can configure windowserver comes up
i say yes and then it just sits there

no idea


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