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Friday, July 9th, 2004

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OT: In search of an IBM workpad z50
A surface-mounted chip on the motherboard of my NetBSD powered IBM workpad z50 broke off, rendering as useless as the version of Windows CE it originally came with. I'm currently in search of another one but am having problems locating one...

If anyone comes across one please let me know, thanks :)
So I downloaded and installed smb4k as a graphical samba interface. I use it to drop and pick up files for work onto our server (duh).

The first time it ran it was flawless and great. Once I put in my authentication it performed beautifully and made me happy.

Then i shut down and restarted. Now I can view all the things I need ot in most cases: the worlgroup, the server, I can even see the individually shared directories on the machine. But when i try to open the directory (mount the share) I get the following error:

smbmnt must be installed suid root for direct user mounts (500,500)
smbmnt failed:1

Well, what the hell is that? It worked the first time. I doubt anything has changed since then. Any thoughts? It doesn't make sense to me.

XML-DocBook toolchain.
Most websites have this to say about it: The easiest way to format and render XML-DocBook documents is to use the xmlto toolchain. This ships with Red Hat; Debian users can get it with the command apt-get install xmlto. I happen to be using Mandrake, without a home internet connection, and unless someone is willing to split the Jargon File HTML tarball into 1MB pieces for me, I have to work with what I have---the masters and production sources. But I don't have the tools, and need them. I have the docbook2* tools, but not xml-docbook (or xmlto).

P.S. If anyone is willing to split that file for me, I can provide the URL and my email address, plus split syntax if you don't know it.
PPC linux question
Does anyone know of a way to create an hfs+ filesystem on one (currently empty) partition without disturbing the other partitions on the hard drive? The apple disk utility seems incapable of changing the filesystem of a non-hfs partition without repartitioning the entire disk, and I know of no linux utility capable of creating that filesystem.
Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me.
Dual *nix
Anyone have any idea how to install two distros on a single drive? I *might* be able to use parted to resize but am somewhat wary of doing so.

Thanks in advance
ungh - need bios
Hey all, need some help. This has been crossposted to gentoo and linux communities.

I just inherited a Dell Poweredge 1300 Dual CPU (400mhz) machine with 256MB ram and a 10 GB SCSI UW drive. Not too shabby.

What I need is a Bios upgrade for it - It won’t recognize drives larger than 67GB and the drives I need it to house are all over 120GB - this machine is about to become my primary file server for the house.

Two questions...

1.) How does one flash the Bios?
1a.) How does one do it in Linux or is it even worth the hassle?

2.) Where to find out and get a BIOS upgrade?

Thanks all for any or all help you can provide. BIOS things creep my stuff out and I hate to do em. Decent links or howtos are welcome.

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