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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

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YOPR anyone?
I was browsing the long lists of distros on linux.org the other day and happned upon one of many that I'd never heard of. The one that caught my eye was YOPR.  Is anyone using it or does does anyone have any thoughts?

I was most intrigued by the fact that it's compatible with both .rpm and .deb packages.. It sounds pretty good.

I want to their web site (which is mostly forums) and read thier FAQ and am about ready to give it a try.

Your thoughts?


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hyper/dual threading
So anyone know how Fedora 2 and Suze deal with hyperthreading and/or dual processors. I heard a rumor that Fedora takes to it better than redhat 9.0 did. I have never used Suze so I don't know if it has the ablity to handle that or not.
KDE Desktops
Anyone know if there is a way to configure my desktop pager (running 9 desktops) to a 3x3 grid instead of two rows?

Free Linux Technical Resource Kit from Novell
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dumb question
So this is a dumb question but I know a few of you don't do much but wait for me to ask dumb questions all day long (that </i>is</i> true, isn't it?).

Having never downloaded an iso image before (I always install off disks) what the heck do I download? For example, when i try to download slackware there are a series of files. Three for each disk to be exact. For ease of understanding I'll name names.

Example: slackware-10.0-install-d1.iso, slackware-10.0-install-d1.iso.asc, and slackware-10.0-install-d1.iso.md5 are all listed for disk one (insert the numbers for disks 2-4 and you have the rest of the file names). Do I need all three of those on one disk? So I just need the first (and largest) one? I'm very confused. My instinct is not to leave anyhting behind, but since this will likely take two days even on my connection at work, so I'd like to take only what I need.

Anso, please feel free to take this time to plug your own favorite distro (if slackware isn't your thing) since I'm getting a computer for home to dual boot windows with (windows for games and linux for all my actual computing). Right now I've got RH9.0, which I like but I'd like to experience another flavor for fun.


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EDIT: I reworded the first paragraph, sorry for the ambiguity.

I'm trying to mount a Samba share on my laptop (powerbook 12", gentoo, kernel 2.6). I've mounted the share fine on another computer here successfully (some intel, gentoo, 2.6). The server is a windows machine. The sbm.conf files on both clients are empty. As far as I know, there is no difference between the two client setups except the PPC thing. Anyway, here's the error I get:

# mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=password // /mnt/content
8005: session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
SMB connection failed

My kernel .config is available here if you should want to have a look.

I'm not mistyping the username or password, cause the command works fine copied and pasted on the other client. Anyone have any idea what could be up with this?

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Stupid question?
This pertains to Redhat 8:

Can I safely killall a shutdown command?


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