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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

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Mount count weirdness
Heyla, just wondering if anyone can help me with some odd behaviour I'm getting.

I'm running a USB hard drive with an EXT3 partition, which I mostly mount under Knoppix 3.3 running from the CD.

I then use Samba to allow myself to map a drive from Windows. (Damn work computers!)

The strange behaviour I'm getting is all to do with the mount count on the drive.

Now, the Knoppix CD I am running is not the most stable, and it often seems to lose the ability to read from the CD, which streams a series of error messages across the console, and I need to shut down and restart to do anything, although I can still access the USB drive through Samba, since it's already running.

Now, what I'm finding is that after only a couple of days, I get "maximal mount count reached" warnings when mounting the USB drive. So I run fsck, and it tells me it's been mounted 17971 times. This seems a little excessive.

So, does anyone know why it might be getting such a ridiculous mount count? I've tried STFW, but haven't been able to find anything resembling this.

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Note to self: When moving from Sendmail to Postfix, make sure to move the aliases database over to Postfix before "rm -Rf" the Sendmail directory.

Current Mood: stupid
Subversion utilities
I need a graphical (preferably cross-platform) program that will let me easily view changes over time in a few subversion repositories I manage, and also compare branches. There seem to be a lot out there for CVS but I haven't found one for subversion.
i want to make a new livejournal but i can't think of a username, can anyone in here suggest me anything?

thank you in advance

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pdf spliting
So I have a big, something like 17"x14" postscript file on my home PC I'd like to print off. I was hoping to find a decent command line program to enlarge it a bit, and split it up into seperate pages so I can print if off with the excellent printer at work. I was looking into using something like mpage or psnup, but they both seem more to be focused on other things - anyone know of any decent command line tools to do this with?

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