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Monday, July 5th, 2004

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Wondering what ya'll use for RSS news aggregation/reading? Maybe a TCL/TK alternative exists?
Novell GNU/Linux Resource Kit
"[...] This comprehensive, resource contains all the Linux software and services you need, to be able to evaluate Novell's core Linux offerings. With over 10GB of fully-functional software, this tool will help you test and evaluate Linux products from Novell in your home test lab.

- SUSE LINUX Standard Server 8.0 (ISO Installation Images)
- SUSE LINUX 9.1 Professional (Bootable Installation DVD)
- Ximian Desktop 2.0 Evaluation (ISO Image)
- Ximian Red Carpet 2.0.2 Evaluation (ISO Image)
- Novell Linux Services 1.0 (ISO Image & NLS Companion CD)
- Novell GroupWise for Linux 6.5.1 - Server, Client & Messenger (ISO Images)
- and more..."

I just thought you all might enjoy this. =]

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USB Mouse woes (FC1, 2.4.22-1.2188.nptl kernel)
When I set this machine up, I chose a USB mouse because it had the best ergonomic factor for my (fairly large) hand. It generally works fine; set up during installation had detected it with no problems at all, no extra work was needed to get it working under either of X or gpm.

However, it has always had a slight "quirk", one that has been getting worse of late. Occassionally, it just dies. There's a light in the mouse, and the light goes out. The mouse is no longer "on". I have to reach behind the case, unplug the mouse, and re-insert the plug. These events cause the kernel to re-load the relevant USB drivers, and the mouse starts to work again. But in the last few days, it's dropped off like this upwards of 6 times. At one point, it died twice in as many minutes.

Any suggestions?

MSN's Slate recommends Firefox over IE
I thought this as weird, but this is the article:


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