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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004

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Anyone here tried Mono?

I may be forced to move to a .Not environment at work and would love to be able to convince my boss to let me run Linux insted of Windoze.

Current Mood: curious
Bad Mouse
I use a Dell Latitude C600. I have always had a problem with my mouse when using Gentoo, but now it's downright weird. Usually, we had problems trying to shut off tap-to-click. But yesterday, the mouse began...uh, dancing. At first I thought that I had accidentally put two fingers on the touch pad. But the mouse was basically jiggling around and shooting for the lower left corner. It looked exactly like a person was doing it. I almost totally lose control of the mouse. When I had the laptop open, untouched while watching a movie on another computer, the mouse would mostly be still in either the lower left or upper right corner. And then at total random, it would jiggle and move, at totally random speeds and directions, and eventually settle in a random spot somewhere between the said corners, including the corners themselves.

The only way to fix this is to totally shut the computer off and start it again. It stays fixed for about 45 minutes before I have to shut it off again. I might mention that it was really hot out yesterday, but the problem started when the computer felt rather cool. We (dogoncouch and I) reinstalled absoltely everything a few weeks ago to correct several other troubles I'd been having with Gnome. I also use Blackbox now for the first time.

I'm using the Synaptics X driver, btw.

Current Mood: cross
FP Extensions...

Anybody have any tips or advice for installing this?

I have a client who hired a consultant that sold him on FPX for updating.  Now he is gung ho for it even though it is not available as an option.

Is there any security holes I need to be sure to plug?

Current Mood: frustrated
I'm planning on installing gentoo. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, since I've heard of a lot of people having trouble with the installation. I'll be installing it on a Pentium 4 Dell Dimension 4300.

You can assume I already know to read the fucking manual. ;)

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